Sunday, June 25,  2017 - 10:00am


 Let us worship the Lord together.


     Prelude                                                                  Daniel Monte


     Welcome and Announcements                           Rev. Janet Sandquist-Skagerlind


     Call to Worship

        Leader:  How wonderful are the ways of the Lord. 

        People:   God's ways are mysterious, but awesome.

        Leader:   God is in all things

        People:   We rejoice in His love and glorious ways.

        Leader:   We bows ourselves before the most High.

                       Thanks be to God.


*  Opening Hymn #35  Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise

*  Prayer of Confession and Lord’s Prayer

*  Gloria Patri #575

     Celebrations and Concerns                              Dennis Badger

     Scripture Readings                             

                        Old Testament:                       Genesis 21:8-21

                        New Testament:                      Roman 6:1b-11

Invitation to Giving of Self, Tithes and Offerings


*  Doxology #572

     Offertory Prayer

     Hymn #398 I Come to the Garden Alone

     Gospel Reading         Matthew 10:24-33

     Sermon      "  Nothing Secret  "     Rev. Skagerlind                                               


*  Closing Hymn #399 There is Sunshine in My Soul Today

*  Benediction                                                                                  


                   [*] Please stand if you are able

Welcome visitors.  If you are visiting with us this morning we are delighted to welcome you. 


Prayer Concerns

FPMBC's Faith Community, Marion Baird,  Barbara Roda, Bud Goodrow, Pirnie Family, Jacob Hartwig, Laurie Grabenstein


Rev. Janet Sandquist-Skagerlind, Pastor

Director of Music,  Daniel Monte

Pastor Emeritus:  Rev. Frank Knight


 Your 2017 Church Governing Body

Pastor:            Rev. Janet Sandquist-Skagerlind

Moderator:      Dennis Badger


Finance Chair/Treasurer: Jeffrey Bosworth

Financial Secretary:   Dianne Badger

Chair of Deacons:       Dianne Badger

Chairs of Christian Education: Shirley Hayes and Amas Haider

At Large Member:      

                                     Bud Goodrow

                                     Hazel Adams

                                    Kaiser Maximus Lopez

As members of the church body everyone will be considered a Deacon and called upon Dianne Badger to assist in the worship service or some other aspect if they are willing and able.